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Maverick Publishing Company focuses on producing Texas regional, general interest nonfiction trade books of uniformly high quality. The company name is a tip of the Stetson to Samuel Augustus Maverick, the legendary San Antonian whose unbranded cattle landed his name in the English language.

Maverick has published more than thirty titles since 1996. Many deal with intriguing aspects of San Antonio, one of the nation’s most distinctive cities. Topics of these books range from the city’s Spanish heritage to its urban development, from multicultural legends to vintage architecture, from sports to the military.

Subjects beyond San Antonio range from the best Texas motorcycle rides to newly-charted Hill Country walks, from a guide to Texas wines to favorite recipes of Tex-Mex cuisine.

Our books are available at your favorite bookstore or can be ordered by calling tollfree 800/431-1579. You may order online at Amazon.com. For multiple copies and for convention and tour group bulk discounts, call us in San Antonio at 210/828-5777.

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The regional operations and impact of seven historic rail lines, ranging from the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio to the Misssouri–Kansas–Texas, are sorted out in the lavishly-illustrated The Railroads of San Antonio and South Central Texas. The lines and their descendants have been responsible for the region's initial development as well as for such recent breakthroughs as Toyota's selection of San Antonio in 2002 for a new plant location. Author of the book is Hugh Hemphill, longtime director of the Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio. ISBN 1-893271-39-0, softcover, $18.95.

River Walk untangles the story of the evolution of San Antonio's River into a travel destination for five million visitors each year. Of the 230 illustrations, many in color, dozens are historical images never before published. They help document how the river was revived from the sluggish trickle of a century ago to become a world-renowned model for river development. Included is the most complete account—dramatically illustrated—of the Flood of 1921, San Antonio's greatest cataclysm, which led to flood control measures that made the River Walk possible. ISBN 978-893271-40-1, 184 pages, notes, bibliography, index, hardcover, $36.95.

"A truly poetic book," says the San Antonio Express-News of The Enchanted Lizard/La Lagartijita Mágica, a bilingual children's book that doubles as a textbook for learning Spanish. The book, for ages 10+, is set in the noted pottery-making village of Mata Ortiz, in the Chihuahuan Desert of Northern Mexico. Author Aubrey Carter, according to the Express-News, "tells this tale in rapturously lyrical Spanish that makes even its English counterpart resonate with the cadences of a Romance tongue." ISBN 1-893271-38-2, hardcover, $18.95.

“The Son of the Pilot and the Son of the Woodworker,” read the headline in one French newspaper covering the dedication of a memorial and the gathering of two families “in memory of the courage of their fathers.” Readers were assured: “This is not a fable, but a true story.” After his mother's death, San Antonio's Conrad Netting IV discovered a footlocker care-fully packed with wartime me-mentos. Then French villagers began looking for the family of the pilot who crashed nearby after helping save their village during World War II. Delayed Legacy: A Son's Amazing Search for the Full Story of His Father's Death After D-Day is part love story, part wartime thriller, part coming-of-age struggle, and a compelling real-life reminder that the human story is not over when a war ends. ISBN 1-893271-37-4, hardcover, $24.95.

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